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Aritzia Winter Sale Picks 2021

Aritzia’s 2021 winter sale that is going on is 50-70% off!

Aritzia is literally my favorite store ever and I am always checking their website.

But Aritzia can be so expensive!

Luckily they do have good sales where you can score a great deal.

In this post I’m going to share with you my Aritzia Winter Sale Picks 2021.

The Group by Babaton Weekender Hoodie

Normally $88 on sale in certain colors for $60 and $43.99.

I wrote a review on this jacket on my Aritzia August 2020 haul.

You can find it at

Anyways, this jacket is the single most worn item out of that entire haul and it is my favorite thing ever.

I have worn this jacket non stop throughout quartine.

Honestly it is the best.

If you can get this on sale in your size, I would HIGHLY HIGHLY RECCOMMEND.

Jacket is true to size, maybe sligtly large.

WEEKENDER HOODIE - Cropped, cinchable hoodie product photo from

Wilfred Free Shrunken Longsleeve Cardigan

Normally $98 on sale for $68

I actually put this on my Christmas list and have been eying this for quite a while!

Surprisingly there are still a lot of sizes available at this reduced price (at the time of writing this).

I ordered this in a medium (normal size).

SHRUNKEN LONGSLEEVE CARDIGAN - Cropped Chenille cardigan product photo from

Wilfred New Tie-Front Blouse

Normally $138 on sale in certain colors for $95 or $49.99

This shirt is everything I LOVED in high school and I have been searching for something similar forever.

But I was not about to drop $140 on this satin looking shirt that I am 99% certain I will stain the first time I wear it.

When I saw it on sale I was so excited to get it.

I am however a little hesitant of this purchase.

It’s a GREAT deal (I got the pale violet color, size medium, at $49.99), but I’m nervous about staining it, snagging the fabric, and keeping it wrinkle free.

But I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

NEW TIE-FRONT BLOUSE - Cropped tie-front blouse product photo from 2021

Wilfred Rebecca Sweater

Normally $138 on sale in certain colors for $125, $95, and $68.99.

I already bought this sweater in the Rust color back in december when it was on sale for $125.

Now that color is on sale for $68.99!!

Honestly that is such a steal.

This sweater is a nice thick material and very flattering.

I would high reccommend getting one on sale if your thinking about it.

For reference, I bought myself a large (normally medium) and I love the fit.

REBECCA SWEATER - Cropped turtleneck sweater product photo from Aritzia 2021


Normally $138 on sale for $125

This is nooooot the best sale ever at only 10%…

BUT I thought it was a super cute, oversized, cropped cardigan.

And honestly I don’t have any cardigans.

I ordered this in a size medium to get that oversized, slouchy look.

CANBERRA CARDIGAN - Cropped wool cardigan product photo from Aritzia 2021

Babaton Hamptons Dress

Originally $128 on sale in certain colors for $88 and $54.99.

I have this dress and I LOVE IT!

It’s so beautiful, comfortable, classic, and modest but VERY flattering.

Also the back cutouts are so beautiful.

There are so many uses for this dress and I cannot wait until the world is back to normal so I can wear this weddings, family events, etc.

I bought this dress in a size 8 (normal size) and it fits beautifully everywhere!

HIGHLY recommend if you are in need of a new dress.

HAMPTONS DRESS - Short sleeve midi dress with slit product photo from Aritzia 2021

This Aritzia winter 2021 sale had some great pieces and I high encourage you to check it out while it’s going on!

I think I’m going to end up doing another haul blog of the items I got from this and the Aritzia pieces I got for Christmas.

Make sure to stay updated with my blog and follow my instagram @stylinghourglass for updates.

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