Aritzia August 2020 Haul

I spent WAY too much money on this Aritzia Haul.

I love Aritzia and Aritzia hauls!

It makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning whenever I get something from there.

Sometimes I can go a bit overboard and get A LOT.

Yes, I know I have a problem.  I am a self-admitted shopaholic.

If you are not familiar with the Aritzia brand, it started in Vancouver, Canada in 1984 where they opened their first store front.

They expanded to the United States in 2007 when the opened their first store front.

The company continued to grow their presence in the US by opening at least one new store front a year

They now have 33 store fronts in 14 different states.

Then the Aritzia online boutique was launched late 2012.

Even with all of their growth in the states, I still feel that the brand is still not too well known.

I love all of their brands and that each brand has a unique style they cater towards.

I only have two issues with Aritzia.

  1. The size range is not great

They only have sizes 00 to 12 or 2XS to L in everything.

They did come out with 1X sizing, but I have seen very little pieces that actually offer the 1X sizing option.

2. It’s expensive!

Dresses can cost you on average $150 and tee-shirts can be $40 or more.

I will continue to buy Aritzia clothes as it caters towards comfortable, fashion forward trends, and they typically have high quality and lasting clothing items.

Keep reading to see my Aritzia haul and what I thought of each piece!


Babaton Wallace Dress

Babaton Power Blouse

The Group by Babaton Vanguard Hoodie

Wilfred New Tie-Front Pant

Wilfred Free Levant T-Shirt

Wilfred Tempest Dress

Wilfred Free Zenith Longsleeve

Wilfred Shirt Mini Dress

TNA COZYAF Perfect 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt

Babaton Wallace Dress

Color: Flame Scarlet; Size: M, Price $98


I don’t own any wrap dresses, so I wanted to try one out as it has all of the characteristics that I like.

Wrap dresses cinch in at the waist, but are flowy at the bottom.

And you can adjust the dress to your size so it doesn’t matter if you gain or lose some pounds, it will still fit!

The dress hits right above knees with front being a little shorter than the back.

The one thing I don’t like about the fit is I couldn’t get the fabric over my cleavage area tight enough.

It had some gaping around the cleavage which did expose my bra.

Altogether, the fit was pretty true to size.


This dress is made from 100% polyester fabric.

This fabric gives the dress a soft, thin, slick cotton feeling.

The fabric is thin, but it is double lined so the red color I got is not see through.

The dress arrived wrinkled when it arrived at my house.

When you are wearing the dress throughout the day, it won’t wrinkle.

However, if you leave the dress on the floor crumpled up for a couple day, it will winkle.


Honestly, when I first put on the dress, I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not.

One thing I was hesitant of was the color because I have never had a red colored dress like this one.

The color of the dress is more of an orange red than a blue red.

As I continued to wear it, I started to really like the dress.

It ties in at the right place around my waist, its comfortable, and I am not worried about the front of the dress opening up (this is a fear of mine with wrapped dress).

The dress is more secure because of a little hole on the right side of the dress where the string be pulled through to wrap around your waist.

With the slick feeling of the polyester fabric, I do worry that the knot could come untied.

I haven’t experienced it coming untied, but I usually double knot it just in case.

Like I mentioned in the fit section, the fabric around the cleavage tends to fall and showed my bra.

To fix this, I would suggest putting in a hook and eye or take it to a tailor so they can do something similar

Styling Hourglass modeling Aritzia Babaton Wallace Dress 1
Styling Hourglass modeling Babaton Wallace Dress 2
Styling Hourglass modeling Babaton Wallace Dress 3

Babaton Power Blouse


Color: Aleutian, Size M, Price $98


The fit of this shirt is pretty much a classic blouse fit with a loose (but not baggy), relaxed fit from bust to hips.

The shirt length goes down to about my hips.

At the top of the V neck, there is a little hook to make sure it doesn’t open

I do think the shirt is true to size.

I would still recommend trying it in stores to make sure your shoulders fit.


This shirt has the same fabric as the Wallace Dress.

It is made from 100% polyester.

So, this shirt has a very similar, if not same feeling to the Bataton Wallace Dress.

It is a soft, thin, slick cotton feeling material.

Online they describe the shirt as a ‘matte-satin blouse’.

The fabric is not see-through.

Although I haven’t tried on this blouse in white, so I don’t know if that is see-through or not.

This blouse also arrived wrinkled in the package, but when you wear it during the day it doesn’t wrinkle.


I bought this shirt because I wanted a high quality, fashionable, shirt I could wear to work or interviews. 

And I really love it!

The shirt is super comfortable.

I love the color I got, is such a pretty blue!

The shirt comes in a range of color, so you can keep your outfit neutral or spice it up with a pop of color.

Since it has so many colors, once you find your size in this shirt you can wait until the seasonal colors to go on sale and get it pretty much half off.

There are buttons that go up the shirt, but the buttons are hidden inside the shirt for a cleaner look.

The design includes a faux collar by folding and sewing the fabric around the neckline of the shirt to give it the collar appearance without adding in the extra fabric.

Since the shirt does come down to my hips, I personally wouldn’t wear it without tucking it into a pair of high waisted pants.

Overall, I really think it’s a staple piece that can be dressed up or down and one that everyone should have at least one of for their wardrobe.

Styling Hourglass modeling Aritzia Babaton Power Blouse 1
Styling Hourglass modeling Babaton Power Blouse 2
Styling Hourglass modeling Babaton Power Blouse 3
Styling Hourglass modeling Babaton Power Blouse 4

The Group by Babaton Weekender (previously Vanguard Hoodie)


Color: Heather Honey Brown; Size M, Price $88


This hoodie has a cropped, relaxed, oversized boxy fit that makes it super comfortable to wear.

The boxy fit can be transformed into a more cinched look by tightening to the drawstring around the waist.

The cropped length is perfect for me as it hits me right above my hips.

The sleeves are baggy, and the hood is very large but in the oversized fashion way.

This hoodie has a slightly oversized fit, and if that’s what you’re going for then it fits true to size.

If you want something a less oversized, then I would say to go a size down.


The fabric of the hoodie is made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

The elastane allows the hoodie to stretch and return back without losing its original shape

Outside fabric of the jacket is brushed, and the whole jacket is very soft.

The fabric is more of a medium thickness, so not super thick but also not thin.

The hoodie’s drawstring has metal aglets.


This hoodie is almost everything I want in a jacket.

It has the oversized but still fitted look, cropped at the perfect length, super comfortable fabric.

When I received this jacket, I was surprised to find that the hood is more oversized than I thought.

It’s not a bad thing, just something to note if your thinking of getting this.

The one thing that I’m not the biggest fan of is the drawstring waistband.

I thought it would be nice to have the option to cinch it for the waist definition.

Honestly, every single time I have worn this jacket I have found the drawstrings to be annoying and I have never cinched them

I actually usually keep them in knot so they don’t get lost inside the jacket.

But they do provide versatility if I did ever want a better fit around my waist.

Also the metal on the aglets seem to be painted because on my jacket, you can definitely see something wearing off of the metal.

Personally, I am able to look past these two issues as I really really love the fabric and the oversized fit of the sleeves.

Another great thing about this jacket is the color.

I have two orange tabby cats that shed… a lot.

I got the Heather Honey Brown color in the hopes that the cat hair wouldn’t be noticeable on it.

And it works perfectly!

I can’t wait for it to cool off here so I can wear this literally every day.

Styling Hourglass modeling Aritzia The Group by Babaton Vanguard Hoodie 1
Styling Hourglass modeling The Group by Babaton Vanguard Hoodie 2
Styling Hourglass modeling The Group by Babaton Vanguard Hoodie 3

Wilfred New Tie-Front Pant


Color: Black; Size 10, Price $138


These pants have a high-waisted fit with a straight leg.

The pants are a cropped length so they do hit me above my ankle and show a little bit of skin.

 I’m 5’6, so if you are 5’4 or below, they should be a good length for you.

Personally, I would love if they had a full length of this style (but that’s just because I dislike cropped pants on myself).

The sizing does run small as it doesn’t account for women with curves.

I would recommend sizing up to allow room for the hips.

I am usually a size 8, but I had to size up to a size 10 so they would actually fit up and over my hips comfortably.

Luckily they have the tie so it can cinch in my waist without looking baggy.


These pants are made out of 100% polyester, however it is a different feeling than the Power Blouse and Wallace Dress.

On the Aritzia website, it says that these pants are made from a Japanese fabric.

It feels rougher than the Power Blouse and Wallace Dress, but it doesn’t feel irritating on the skin.

The material is still flowy, thin, and doesn’t wrinkle easily.


I initially bought these pants to have for a job interview or to wear to work to elevate my outfits.

These definitely met expectations for them.

But I do wish the fabric was different.

I prefer to have a thicker, softer fabric. Perhaps something with some cotton in it. 

Another con for these pants is that the tie belt is kind of confusing.

However, if you try on these pants in store, the sales people do show you how to tie it.

Or if you buy these online, I have seen YouTube videos on how to tie them.

Another personal con with the pants that I have is the length.

I do not like cropped pants on myself, just personal preference.

This is the biggest factor as to why I do not wear them as much as I thought I would (also ya know… quarantine #2020).

If they had these in a full length pant I would definitely buy more of these.

But for my personal style and preferences, I don’t think I will buy another pair of these pants.

Overall I do like these pants, but not nearly as much as other online influencers who always rave about them.

If you are looking for some more workwear pants and you don’t mind a cropped length, I would definitely recommend them.

Styling Hourglass modeling Aritzia Wilfred New Tie-Front Pant 1
Styling Hourglass modeling Wilfred New Tie-Front Pant 2
Styling Hourglass modeling Wilfred New Tie-Front Pant 3
Styling Hourglass modeling Wilfred New Tie-Front Pant 4

Wilfred Free Levant T-Shirt


Color: Camille; Size: L, Price $30


When I first received the shirt, I was nervous that it was too large.

There was a lot of room at the back of the shirt and it wasn’t hugging to my body like the model in the product photo.

Since I did see this was made from 100% cotton, I went with the large instead of the medium to prevent the shirt from shrinking too much.

Luckily the shirt did shrink after I washed it multiple times.

Now that I have had the shirt for a couple months, it fits WAY better than it did.

Personally I recommend sizing up in anything that is 100% cotton (especially a crop top) to prevent yourself from spending money on something that becomes too small to wear.


Like I already mentioned in the Fit break down, this shirt is 100% cotton.

It will shrink after it has been it has been washed a few times.

The fabric is as you would expect a 100% shirt to be, very soft and very t-shirt like.


I wear this shirt so much more often than I honestly thought I would.

Its super comfortable and basic enough to pair with anything.

Even though it is so basic, the front ruching down the center gives the shirt some uniqueness to make it less basic and boring.

But honestly, the basic-ness of this shirt is why I wear it so often.

If I had to nit-pick the shirt, I would wish that the sleeves were a little longer.

I prefer a longer, more boxy sleeve.

This shirt is really great and has become a staple in my wardrobe.

I have plans on purchasing it in different colors, but it seems so popular as it is always sold out in the larger sizes.

If you can get your hands on this shirt, I HIGHLY recommend it!

Styling Hourglass modeling Aritzia Wilfred Free Levant T-Shirt 1
Styling Hourglass modeling Wilfred Free Levant T-Shirt 2
Styling Hourglass modeling Wilfred Free Levant T-Shirt 3

Wilfred Tempest Dress


Color: Dusty Mauve; Size M, Price $158


The fit of this dress is nice with the puffed sleeves, form fitting bodice, then the dress loosening up at the waist to fall nicely over your hips.

The gathered fabric at the top of the dress (not sure what that’s called) is very comfortable and can help the dress to stay up when the sleeves are off the shoulder (but the top ruffle bits can flip over exposing your bra).

It gives good waist definition while the flowy skirt allows room in the hips so you don’t need to size up!

I would say this dress is very true to size.


The fabric is made out 100% polyester, so the same fabric as the Wallace Dress and the Power Blouse.

The bodice of the dress does feel different than the skirt and the sleeves.

Like I mentioned above, the bodice is that tightly stitched fabric that is stretchy while the sleeves and skirt are much more flowy and have no stretch.


This dress is super comfortable and easy to throw on for any occasion.

I like how the sleeves can be worn on the shoulders or the can be off the shoulder.

Although the dress does fit me well, the bodice of the dress, as fitted as it seems, feels like it could be tighter to help keep the dress up rather than relying the sleeves.

When I wear the sleeves as off the shoulder, I am constantly pulling up the top of the dress to not show my bra.

So that can be pretty annoying.

Also when you wear the sleeves off the shoulder the ruffled detail at the top does weirdly fall over (as you can see by the last photo).

This is the first clothing piece that I own that has a square neckline.

I like the different cut, but because of this there are some ‘quarks’

With the square neckline, you can’t wear a regular bra as the straps show and wearing the sleeves on your shoulder constantly feels like the sleeves are going to fall off, but they don’t.

Just something to keep in mind if you don’t have anything with a square neck either.

Between this and the wrap dress, I much prefer how this fits better than the wrap dress.

But the wrap dress is more carefree when wearing it, whereas this dress you constantly have to be mindful of wether the top of your bra is showing, or if part of the top if flipped over.

Overall just a more fussy dress to wear, but it gives a more formal, elegant, boho style.

Overall I really love this dress, I just wish that the top would be a little more structured so it wouldn’t slip if you are wearing the sleeves off the shoulder.

Styling Hourglass modeling Aritzia Wilfred Tempest Dress 1
Styling Hourglass modeling Wilfred Tempest Dress 2
Styling Hourglass modeling Wilfred Tempest Dress 3
Styling Hourglass modeling Wilfred Tempest Dress 4

Wilfred Free Zenith Longsleeve


Color: Heather White; Size L; Price; $40


The fit of this shirt is really great.

There is no weird gaping in the front or the back at all.

The only issue I have with the shirt is the plunge V neck is too much for myself.

But I think this is due to myself having a larger chest, which probably wasn’t accounted for when designing this shirt.

Usually I am a medium in shirts at Aritzia, but this one fit me perfectly in a large.

You try this shirt on in stores to make sure you get your perfect fit because everyone’s proportions are different, and this is a very fitted shirt.


I love the fabric of this shirt.

When I first felt this fabric, I was surprised on how thin the fabric was.

But I ended up liking how thin the fabric was because it is a long sleeve shirt.

It’s not too heavy or itchy and it is extremely soft and a thin fabric while being stretchy.

The fabric is made from a blend of 48% rayon, 48% polyester, and 4% elastane.

The combination makes it super comfortable and one of my fabric from this whole haul.


I have not worn this shirt other than to take photos in it and I honestly don’t really see myself wearing it too much if at all.

I really love this shirt, but the issue I have with it is it SOOOO low cut. 

Like I can’t wear a bra with this.

I can barely wear nipple covers because they show if the neckline moves around at all.

I would recommend this shirt to someone if you have a small chest and you are comfortable exposing that much skin.

Otherwise, I would pass on this.

Styling Hourglass modeling Aritzia Wilfred Free Zenith Longsleeve 1
Styling Hourglass modeling Wilfred Free Zenith Longsleeve 2

TNA COZYAF Perfect 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt


Color: Gd Periscope; Size L; Price: $60


When I bought this jacket online, I ordered one size larger than my usual size (I’m usually a medium,).

I sized up to make sure the jacket wasn’t too fitted especially around the bust area.

But when I received the jacket, I realized it already had an oversized fit.

So the large I ordered was too big for me.

It was baggy in the back and front, and the waist band was way to big (too big of a waist band is not a surprise).

I would say this runs true to size as I plan on repurchasing this in a medium when more colors of this come back in stock.


The fabric is made from 78% cotton and 22% polyester.

It is a thicker cotton than the Vanguard hoodie (about the thickness of a normal pull over sweatshirt)

Inside of the sweater is lined with 330 gsm (grams per square meter) fleece. 

Having a fleece density over 300gsm is considered a heavy weight fleece.

So this jacket is just on light end of the heavy weight fleece category, which pretty much means it’s a warm fleece.


This cropped quarter zip was really nice!

I have always enjoyed quarter zips but having a cropped one makes it my ideal jacket!

Originally I bought a Large because I didn’t want the jacket to feel too fitted.

I was going for more of the oversized look.

The fit was fine, kinda seemed too big, but the waistband was too wide and didn’t hug my waist like the photos.

I did really like the length of this crop!

It wasn’t too short, as it hit me a little bit above the top of my hips.

A nice warm and cozy jacket that is cropped so it stops high enough up to give some tapering in at the waist and show off the lower half of my body without hiding it behind a long sweatshirt.

As much as I really loved this jacket, I felt like it was the wrong size.

But I do plan on repurchasing this in the medium!

Styling Hourglass modeling Aritzia TNA COZYAF Perfect 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt 1
Styling Hourglass modeling TNA COZYAF Perfect 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt 2
Styling Hourglass modeling TNA COZYAF Perfect 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt 3

Wilfred Shirt Mini Dress

Color: Mauve Pink/Java Brown; Size L; Price: $148 on sale for $59.99


Out of everything I got in this haul, I think this is the thing that has the most issues with fit.

The biggest issues for me is the top of the dress fits a little too loose (due to sizing up so my hips would fit) and the neckline comes down really low.

Luckily, the dress does have a tie around the waist for definition, but throughout the day the tie loosens up and sometimes even unties.

That’s pretty annoying but if I double knot, it does still loosen up a little bit.

Personally, the neckline goes down too low and shows too much cleavage.

This is an easy is an issue to fix by wearing a tank top under it or a shorts bra.

I always wear my Lululemon Flow Y Bra Nulu under and it works perfect for me.

The dress does run small, so I would size up from your regular size.

The buttons were pulling around my hips and it was pretty tight when I tried the 8 on, but the top fit well.

The 10 fit well around my hips but the top was baggy.

I’d rather the hips fit well and the top be baggy then that hips be too tight.


The dress is made from 53% viscose and 47% rayon.

I do want to note that this dress does say to hand wash only (due to the viscose), but I do put it in the washing machine and hang dry it.

The fabric does try to wrinkle after I hang dry it, but when you wear it doesn’t wrinkle too much

The fabric on this dress is stiffer and rougher than the 100% polyester dresses.

But it is still very comfortable to wear


One annoying thing about this dress is that the tie around waist does loosen up and even untied on me one. 

I tied the bow into a double knot and that seemed to help.

I do think the strap around the waist is necessary for this dress as it is the one thing that gives definition to the waist.

This dress short at all while walking around, but when I sit down I feel the dress get very short in the back. Just something to keep in mind.

This has been the dress from the haul that I have gotten the most wear out of since it is so casual, but put together.

Styling Hourglass modeling Aritzia Wilfred Shirt Mini Dress 1
Styling Hourglass modeling Wilfred Shirt Mini Dress 2
Styling Hourglass modeling Wilfred Shirt Mini Dress 3


Out of this collective two-month haul, I ended up returning three things (two of them were not mentioned because I returned them before doing this post).

Everything that I’ve kept I really love, except for the Zenith Longsleeve.

If I had to choose just one item to recommend, it would be the Weekender Hoodie.

I loooove the fabric, color, length, and cut!

It is the one jacket I have worn consistantly since I have recieved it during lock down.

I honestly cannot reccommend it enough.

Seriously… get it.

If you have never shopped at Aritzia before, I suggest going in and trying on in person.

This will give you a feel of what your average size is at Aritzia.

From there, you can chose to size up, size down, or go with your usual size based on the item you are looking at.

If you want to learn more about me and my body type, you can go my About Page.

If you like this Aritzia haul, make sure to let me know!

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