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Topshop Denim Shorts Review

I am so excited to review these Topshop Roll Hem Mom Denim Shorts for my clothing review post!

I love the look of jean shorts.

Jean shorts for me can really pull a look together, but still be casual and So-Cal beach everyday style.

I have scoured the internet to try to find a pair of jean shorts with a cut that would fit an hourglass figure.

To find out if your an hourglass figure, check out my Body Shape Guide

But I never was really able to find any that looked promising.

A good pair of jean shorts for someone with more full thighs and a small waist is hard to find!

Denim can be a hard fabric as true denim doesn’t have a lot of stretch to it.

So here I am for my fellow hourglass women with full thighs to start the search for the perfect pair of jean shorts!

Denim has not been my favorite fabric to wear as it can be uncomfortable and restricting, but I like how it looks on.

In my experience, shorts tend to ride up as you walk if you have thicker thighs.

Then before you know it, your butt is hanging out of them and the shorts have ridden up into your crotch.

Northern California has summer with some days being over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so I’ve been on the lookout for some hourglass and thicker thigh friendly jean shorts.

I was recently watching one of Sierra Schultzzie’s YouTube vlogs when she recommended a style of Top Shop Mom denim shorts.

Since the Mom jeans fashion has made a comeback, I have been really interested in trying something with that style.

I mean who doesn’t want a pair of jeans or shorts that is high waisted and has more room in the legs?!

The specific shorts the Sierra recommended were unfortunately sold out, but I found the Topshop Roll Hem Mom Denim Shorts instead and decided to give these a try.

Let’s dive into what I think about the Topshop Roll Hem Mom Denim Shorts!


When I first got the shorts and put them on, I was a little nervous as they seemed to be almost too small to fit over my hips and butt.

But thankfully, I was able to wiggle the shorts past my hips and butt and get them on.

Once they were on, I was able to easily button and zip up the fly.

The shorts felt like they fit pretty well compared to other jean shorts I have tried in the past.

I really like the length on them, as they do have a 4-inch inseam (which is my preferred short length).

My thighs were very comfortable as they had a little bit of room to move around (nowhere near as much room as the model in the product photo).

As I expected, I have room around my waist in the shorts.

I have worn them without a belt, but they do fit better around the waist with the belt.

On the Nordstrom website, it lists the size 8 as fitting a size 6-8.

I do think the 8 is true to size, but I have heard that Top Shop sizing can be different so just check the sizing chart to make sure you are getting the right size.


These shorts are a true thick feeling denim with little to no stretch.

Online it lists the fabric as 100% cotton.

Since they are 100% cotton denim, the shorts will stretch out a little bit so keep that in mind.

When I first put on the shorts, the denim had a stiff feeling to it.

Now that it has been washed a couple times, the fabric has gotten a little bit softer and it has stretched out a little bit (still fits great).


I really like these shorts!

I am really happy I bought these and finally have a pair of jean shorts I want to wear!

Let’s break down the pros and cons:


1. I really like the color

The color is a great light blue which is perfect for spring and summer.

It makes it really easy to pair with light or dark colors or even a patterned shirt.

2. The inseam length is ideal

Having a 4-inch inseam is the perfect length!

It’s not so short that they turn into booty shorts when you walk, but it’s also not too long where they look like a Bermuda short when you’re standing.

They are just the perfect length for a casual day out.

As I walk, my shorts always tend to rise up but with these the length of the shorts never get too short.

I never felt like I had to constantly pull down the legs of the shorts to make myself feel comfortable in them.

3. The high rise is a good length

I tend to hold on to fat in my lower stomach, so I prefer a high rise that will go to my belly button or even a little bit higher.

These shorts are the perfect high-rise length for me hitting me right at my belly button.

I like wearing these with a plain tee shirt and tucking it in or a crop top since the waist is so high.

4. The shorts still have a little bit of room around my thighs

I love that these shorts still give me a little bit of room around my thighs.

I do have thicker thighs, so I usually feel squeezed into the leg holes for shorts.

As I already mentioned, I have nowhere near as much room in the legs as the product photo.

But the amount of room I do have is more than enough for me!

5. Comfortable to walk around, sit, and eat in

Due to the fact that they’re 100% cotton denim, the fabric stretched out a little bit and became softer after I washed them.

It has really helped the shorts to stay comfortable on me throughout the day.

I don’t find the waist too restrictive while sitting or eating (this is where a large waist is nice).


1. The waist is too big for me

This is really my only issue with these shorts.

However, I wouldn’t recommend altering the waist because as I already said, I have to wiggle these shorts over my butt and hips.

This issue is an easy fix by throwing on a belt to cinch in the waist.

If you prefer not to wear belts, you could still just wear these shorts without one (I have done this before when I have not been able to find a belt).

This extra room in the waist allows for easily tucking in of shirts, without the feeling of bulk around your waist.

2. After several washes, the rolled hem part of the shorts will not look as perfect anymore

More specifically, the rolled hems are still rolled, but they appear more uneven on the back of the shorts.

This is more of an aesthetic issue that personally doesn’t bother me too much, but I thought I’d mention it.

If you are concerned about the hem moving on your shorts, you could always go around and sew the hem down with a sewing machine (I used to do this back in high school with denim shorts that the hems ALWAYS folded down on).

Hourglass Approved?

Would I recommend these shorts to other women with an hourglass figure?


So far these are the best denim shorts I have found for someone with an hourglass figure!

They have a great color, fit, cut for the most part, inseam, etc.

They are the only pair of denim shorts I will wear right now!

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these shorts, I have all the information below.

Topshop Roll Hem Mom Denim Shorts Info

Name: Topshop Roll Hem Mom Denim Shorts

Color: Blue

Size: 8 US

Price $58.00 – on sale on Nordstrom for $43.50

Check out the shorts!

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