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Aritzia Puffer Jacket: Super Puff vs Cloud Puff

Today I’m going to be comparing two popular Aritzia puffer jacket, the Super Puff and the Cloud Puff.

The Super Puff is by far one of the most popular and well-known items.

While on the other hand the Cloud Puff seems to be gaining in popularity.

If I had to pick my favorite clothing item, it would be a jacket hands down.

Not only do they provide warmth to the perpetually cold (like me), but then can also completely change an outfit.

I love to wear a puffer jacket during the winter because of how warm they keep me.

I have a Columbia puffer jacket from a couple years ago which I love, but when I zip it up it is REALLY tight around my hips.

I have come to the realization that for my personal style, I love and prefer tops and jackets that are slightly cropped and hit right at the top of my hip bone.  

This way the jacket can be fitted but won’t be too tight on the hips.

When I was looking to buy the Cloud Puff last year, I didn’t see any reviews for it.

I was not only interested in the Cloud Puff reviews, but how it compared to the super popular Super Puff.

Now that I have the Cloud Puff and the Super Puff, I wanted to go over my thoughts on each jacket and how they compare to each other to help you make your decision.

Left: TNA Super Puff Shorty (Color: Matte Black)
Right: Wilfred Cloud Puff (Color: Black)

TNA The Super Puff Shorty


Price: $225

Color: Matte Black

Size: Small

Aritzia Jacket TNA The Super Puff Shorty in Matte Black product photo from Aritzia.com

I took this jacket with me to Colorado for a ski trip as my only plain outerwear jacket.

One stand out thing about this jacket was the thumb hole cuffs.

They are SUPER nice to have!

It prevented cold air from going up your sleeves and are so soft.

I was wary of putting stuff in the pockets of this jacket.

Zipper pockets are a big want for me in my jackets as I can be oblivious, so I always use the zipper to prevent things from falling out.

Overall, I really enjoyed this jacket!

I just want to note that I am noticing that it looks like something got on the front of the jacket and that I need to wash it.

Luckily it is machine washable!


Even though this is a puffer jacket, the puff feels minimal while wearing it (especially compared to the cloud puff).

The length of the shorty jacket stops right at the top of my hip bone.

As for sizing, the jacket does run large.

Normally I am a medium, but I ordered a small in this jacket.

I can still fit another jacket underneath, but I recommend going in stores to try on the jacket to see if you prefer your normal size or going one size down.


The fabric of this jacket is made up of 100% nylon; Fill: 90% goose down, 10% goose feathers; Cuffs: 74% nylon, 26% elastane.

The feeling of the fabric is more of a softer touch but still sleek puffer material.

The jacket overall is very light weight for a puffer jacket, but still warm, and is not too bulky feeling.

This specific shorty version Keeps you warm up to -20°C / -4°F (warmth increases with the length of the super puff).

It is also made from water-repellent fabric and wind-resistant fabric.


  • This jacket comes in numerous colors, styles, warmth ratings, different fabrics, and comes in a men’s version
  • You can match your jacket to mask (Aritzia now has super puff masks)
  • I have heard from watching youtube videos that they coated this year’s Super Puffs with something that is supposed to prevent the feather from poking out of the jacket.
  • Thumb hole cuffs on the sleeves
  • Machine Washable
  • I love the detachable hood so you can take it off and make it less bulky or keep it on during very cold days to keep your head warm.


  • It rarely goes on sale as it is an Aritzia staple and best seller piece
  • I really hate the single button closure on front pockets (where are the zip pockets?!)
  • The branding on the inside of the jacket is over the top – also has branding on zipper pull and logo on hood and back of collar (we get it, it’s a super puff)
  • I sized down to a small, but the arms get a bit tight when I wear a hoodie underneath it (personally I wouldn’t exchange it for a small)

Wilfred Cloud Puff


Price: $250

Color: Camilla (product photo below shown in black)

Size: Small

Aritzia Jacket Wilfred Cloud Puff in Black product photo from Aritzia.com

I got this coat last year when I was in New York for Thanksgiving (wow I really miss traveling…)

I was just looking around but the second I felt this coat I fell in love.

It is so soft to the touch AND it feels like you’re wearing a comforter as a jacket (as someone who is always cold and loves blankets, it literally could not get any better).

I was originally going for the yellow, but when the salesperson helped me out I went for the pink.

Fast forward a year later and I am VERY happy.

This is the jacket I wear 99% of the time when it is a dry cold outside.

It is my most reached for jacket.

Now that I have the Super Puff, I do try to rotate them to make sure I am getting wear out of both pieces.

But I love the amount of puff, the blanket weight and feeling, the color and pretty much everything about the Cloud Puff!

As a bonus, my co-workers would frequently compliment me on this jacket (which always makes you feel good).


This jacket has a much puffier fit than the Super Puff.

Honestly, it feels like your wearing a super snuggly bed comforter!

The puffiness is my FAVORITE part.

When wearing the jacket, it has a light to medium blanket weight.

The jacket stops at exactly the same place as the Super Puff, right at above hip bone.

I tried this jacket on in stores and I’m VERY glad I did.

It fit very oversized fit so I bought it in the medium.

I would recommend sizing down in this jacket, or even two sizes if you are looking for a tighter fit.


This fabric is made up of 55% biconstituent fibre nylon polyester 45% cotton; Lining: 100% polyester; Filling: 90% goose down, 10% goose feathers

The fabric of this jacket feels like a slick soft touch fabric.

I saw the fabric described as a sueded cotton and that is exactly what it feels like!

But it’s not as slick feeling as the super puff.

The fabric is also water-repellent and wind-resistant, just like the Super Puff.

It also has the same warmth rating as the Super Puff at -20°C / -4°F.


  • When I’m wearing this jacket, it feels like I’m wearing a blanket (which means I feel comfy and
  • Started expanding on this range with a vest, corduroy, recycled down,
  • Comes in three lengths (original- copped, midi, maxi)
  • It is machine washable (I have washed it myself and with a little extra care it turned out perfect)
  • I sized down and I can still easily layer a thick hoodie underneath it
  • There are no visible branding on the outside of the jacket and the only branding on the inside is the tag
  • You can find this jacket on sale during the major everything goes on sale sales
  • Fun chevron/diagonal stitching instead of the classic horizontal stitching
  • Zip pockets


  • It only has about 4 color each year (hopefully they will increase the colors available in the future)
  • The puff on this jacket is super puffy (personally not a con for myself but maybe for others it will be)
  • Due to the amount of puff, it can make you look marshmallow shaped
  • There is no hood (personally this doesn’t bother me at all)

Which Aritzia Puffer Jacket: Super Puff or Cloud Puff?

It is definitely a toss-up for which one I would recommend because I love both of them!

These coats are so similar, and you can’t go wrong with either!

It’s all about your personal preference and what you are looking for.

If you love a jacket that is puffier and feels like you never left your bed, I recommend the Cloud Puff.

If you’re on a budget and waiting to get one of these coats on sale, I would recommend the Cloud Puff because you’re more likely to get it on sale

If you’re looking for a sleeker puffer jacket with more color and silhouette options, I would recommend the Super Puff.

What are your thoughts on these coats? Which Aritzia puffer jacket do you prefer?

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