Hi, my name is Lexi and I’m a shopaholic. 

I am always on the lookout for the next piece of clothing that will make me feel my best. I have an hourglass figure with a large bust, thicker thighs, and some stubborn body fat around my stomach. I am typically a size medium to large depending on the brand. For numerical sizing, I am usually a US size 8 in tops and a US size 8 or 10 in bottoms. Clothes that make me feel my best typically accentuate my waist, are not too tight around my stomach, and most importantly are comfortable! However I am very open to trying on different cuts and styles of clothes because you never know what you will find. You can send me suggestions by commenting on any of my posts or sending me a message on my instagram, @stylinghourglass. You can also contact me by heading over to my contact page

Online shopping is hard

Online shopping makes it hard to visualize the fit, sizing, as well as how the fabric feels, moves, stretches, and falls on the body. Often times it can be hard to find that one piece of clothing that fits you the way you want. One pitfall of online shopping comes from how the garment fits the model. Most of the models I see have a rectangle body shape (you can find info on body shapes on my Body Shape Guide). When I order online after seeing one of those models, I expect it to look a certain way on myself. Often when I actually try it on it fits so differently. Tops can be the wrong length, too tight in the chest, or not fitted enough in the waist. Bottoms are usually too tight around the hips, butt, and thighs, yet too loose around my waist. I’ve always been told that the hourglass body shape is the most desired, but I feel like the fashion industry fails to actually tailor to our shape.

Why Styling Hourglass?

I have seen countless articles that tell you how to dress for the hourglass body type, but I seldom see recommendations for specific brands or specific clothing pieces. I have always struggled to find recommendations for clothes that would fit my body type. So I have created this blog to give you those hourglass body recommendations that I find along with my clothing hauls, clothes in my closet that I love, outfits, etc. My goal for this blog is that through these posts I am able to help you find clothing pieces, brands, and styles to enhance and accentuate your figure. I want to give you recommendations so you don’t waste your money on clothes that won’t make you feel your best.

What you will see

When I buy clothes, I want them to last for a while. So I don’t mind a slightly higher price tag in exchange for longevity as I look at them as an investment. While I generally try to avoid fast fashion, some of those brands may show up here from time to time. I am, however, always looking for new brand suggestions as well as specific pieces to try!

More about me

A little personal information about myself. I was born and raised in San Diego, California. After I graduated from high school, I left Southern California to attend UC Davis for my undergraduate studies. I majored in Animal Science and received my B.S at the end of 2017.  Now I have a full-time job in HR up in Northern California where I live with my fiance and our two cats. I met my fiance during my freshman year of college in our dorm hall. We were living on the same floor only a couple of doors down from each other!

You can follow, make suggestions, and say hi to me on Instagram @stylinghourglass or on Twitter @stylinghourglas.